By Nathan J King

Arizona Republican and CD3 candidate Ben Quayle releases a public apology on his campaign website, in regards to a political ad campaign where he referred to POTUS Barack Obama as the worst president in US history or otherwise.

Arguably, it is not at all uncommon for a candidate to attack Washington in this years race, but Quayle may have overstepped his boundaries by attacking an individual, rather than an ambiguous entity like  ‘Washington’.

For instance, another CD3 candidate Paulina Morris (R-AZ) almost seems to be as racy, intense, for the shock value or just ‘in yo’ face-’ when it comes down to political ad campaigning.

In her most recent video Morris remarks that she will “Knock the hell out of Washington” and she “Damn well approves of this message.” Either the response was symbiotic of Quayle or vice versa, Quayle also stated in yet another retracted video from his website “Somebody needs to go to Congress and knock the hell out of the place.”

And there it is, simply stated, the argument at hand. Maybe they should get divorced from their current spouses and marry each other. Either that or their campaign ad writers should consumate on the trail of the long and distorted road of the Arizona politcal stey.