By Nathan J King

“We’ll help you start a house of prostitution, if that’s what you want to do,” narrate-sings recording artist and songwriter Ray Stevens in his ‘Come to the USA’ music video.

The video is a mock invitation for illegal immigrants who wish to enter Arizona through the Mexican border.

In the video Stevens portrays an IIAP (Illegal Immigration Assistance Program) secretary recording an automated telephone menu options list, or Stevens could possibly think that someone is in actuality on the other side of the line of all telephone option lists.

Just imagine the 71 year-old man with a rotary phone attached to the wall in his den shouting ”four” into the telephone’s receiver. In the video IIAP secretary-Stevens says press four for Farsi, here is a peek at the list; press one for Spanish, three for Arabic, six for Swahili. The list goes up to eight options.

Stevens’ message is straight-forward: attention illegal-immigrants! Come to the USA and receive healthcare, welfare, free education, voter registration. Need I repeat more?

To further understand Stevens’ political position, he quotes Governor Jan Brewer, and celebrates Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio for being real patriots in his ‘God Save Arizona’ music video.

Here is the Brewer quote that Stevens used “No one in Arizona is laughing, do your job and secure the border.” If you are confused, Brewer is addressing the federal government.

But I think that I like this quote more “There is a headless body in the desert. I sat next to it at the debate.”-Barry Hess, Libertarian candidate, on Brewer and her comments that headless bodies had been found in the desert. (Brewer was describing the magnitude of the Mexican drug-cartel violence spilling over into Arizona, during a televised gubernatorial debate hosted by Ted Simmons on Horizon). I discovered Hess’ quote in the Arizona Republic, Wednesday, October 6, 2010.

I know that you may be thinking “but, how do these two quotes correlate”; the answer is that they do not, I just really liked Hess’ quote.

I found the Stevens video on ‘The #immigration Daily’ @ http://paper.1:/tag/immigration

Do you agree with this man’s point of view?